VTONews01 Things to consider when buying a portable power station

It only takes a dead phone battery in the woods or a sudden blackout to keep you reminded of the importance of a reliable battery. However, what factors are important to be taken into consideration when picking the battery that best meets your power demands? Here are some hints that may be helpful to you!

Battery Size:

Battery size usually refers to a portable power station's capacity, dimensions, weight, or all the three factors at once. Usually, the bigger the capacity is, the heavier and the larger the power station tends to be. The battery size you need depends on the number and type of devices you will need to charge, how long you are supposed to be out of power, and how much space you can offer for placing the power station.

For example, if you are preparing for an outdoor day trip and you do not have much space in your boot filled with snacks and beverages, a 200~700 Wh power station which are usually half the volume of those 1000 Wh larger ones would better suffice the needs.

VTOMAN JUMP600 Portable Power Station

640Wh Capacity



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Outlet Options:

The number and type of outlets is also an important factor to consider when you are choosing a battery. A diversity of outlet options can be a strong proof of a battery's versatility, but still you need to make your own decision based on your charging.

For example, if you are just looking to charge a phone, then a USB-A or USB-C outlet along with a matching cable is definitely what you will need on your battery. If you also want to charge your camera, drone, or appliances such as a fans or an air conditioner, then AC outlet is a must.

Feeling like having more outlets and multiple features all at once? Check the VTOMAN JUMP1000 with 12 ports and up to 1000W constant output! This model covers both AC and various DC power supply for all your possible charging demands.

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What types of devices you can charge with a power station also depends on the voltage. A mobile phone usually needs significantly less voltage than a laptop, CPAP machine, or a cafe machine.

The whole series of VTOMAN portable power stations offer 110V/60Hz pure sine wave AC output and DC output ranging from 5V to 20V, definitely suitable for various voltage demands.

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