Why is VTOMAN power station appropriate for RVs?

RVs are not only a "car" but also a "room". They are fully equipped so you can travel, eat, live, shower, sleep, etc. all in the RV and be self-sufficient. RVs are the best way to travel cross-country and for long trips. And they are especially suitable for families and friends to go out together for long distance travel.

As we all know, RVs are often used for long trips, and we do need a powerful electricity sources for appliances using or emergency. LiFePO4 battery is one of the most popular lithium batteries today, and its own excellent performance can be greatly reflected in RVs.

JUMP600 640Wh capacity 600W AC Output 3100+ Battery Cycles  <=100μA self discharge
JUMP1000 1408Wh capacity 1000W AC Output 3100+ Battery Cycles  <=100μA self discharge
JUMP1500X 828Wh capacity 1500W AC Output 3100+ Battery Cycles  <=100μA self discharge
JUMP2200 1548Wh capacity 2200W AC Output 3100+ Battery Cycles   <=100μA self discharge


1. Excellent charging and discharging
Not everyone are able to equip their RV with a PV system which meas majority of them will choose to charge their RV and power station.
VTOMAN power station LiFePO4 batteries have a low self-discharge rate of less than 100μA maintains more than 85% energy after whole year without charging.

2.Exclusive V-Starting Technology
You can direcly jump start your vehicles by connecting your car and the power station with a pair of jump start clamps* (Only for 12V vehicule). Ideal for battery power went out, battery died of temperature or aging.

3. Long Life Span
The long battery life of VTOMAN power station LiFePO4 batteries is another huge advantage, especially when compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. VTOMAN power station with 3100+ battery cycles much more than other power station only 500+ battery cycles, therefore if you own a VTOMAN power station and you do not have to think about replacing it even 10 years.

4. High safety
LiFePO4 battery is known for its strong safety features, mainly in the chemical properties, which is the result of extremely stable chemical reactions. VTOMAN power station bult-in LIFEBMS™ system with 10 protection avoid almost all security problems. Nothing more important than the safety of yourself and your companions.