VTOMAN Jump 1800: The Ultimate Power Solution for Any Situation

In recent years, there has been a significant surge in the demand for portable power stations. This can mainly be attributed to the increasing popularity of camping, RVing, and outdoor activities that have captured the interest of more people than ever before. As camping activities continues to expand, consumers are realizing that they can bring many essential devices and appliance on their adventures and still keep them powered. This has led to the development of more compact and high-capacity power stations that can offer greater portability and convenience.

The ideal power solution should offer exceptional portability and be capable of powering all of your necessary devices at any given time. It should prioritize cleanliness and sustainability, with the ability to recharge quickly using solar energy. Furthermore, it should be user-friendly, dependable, and capable of handling any challenge you may encounter. VTOMAN Jump1800 Power Station has emerged in response to these circumstances.

Equipped with 1800W of power, the VTOMAN Jump 1800 can easily handle any mobile charging need. 1800W of massive AC output means that 99% of your household appliances and tools can be fully powered by this device. Paired with a 1548Wh battery capacity, all your essential devices will stay charged and ready for hours during power outages and outdoor adventures.

Securing Your House Against Power Interruptions

Due to climate disasters, intense storms, global conflicts, and an aging power grid: blackouts are occurring more frequently, on a larger scale, and for longer periods of time. Power could be lost at any moment without warning, putting homes and businesses in distressing situations. Power Stations will soon be a necessity for every family who wishes to stay connected, unburdened by the threat of power outages.

VTOMAN Jump 1800 can power essential home appliances like a full-size refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee maker, CPAP machine, big-screen television, electric stove, or washing machine in times of emergency.With a 1548Wh battery capacity, the VTOMAN Jump 1800 has enough energy reserves to power your family for three full days on a single charge, based on the expected usage of a light, a Wi-Fi router, a phone, and a microwave.

Addition Battery to Expand Capacity

Want to stay prepared for even longer? Now, you can easily double your power capacity with the use of an optional Expansion Battery. This brings the total capacity of the Jump 1800 up to 3096Wh!

Extra Battery provides even greater resilience during a blackout, longer outdoor adventures, and extended off-grid power usage. Irrespective of whether you require additional power sources for multiple devices or require a dependable supply of energy to operate indispensable appliances such as a refrigerator throughout the day and night, you can double your energy output with ease.

Power For Outdoor

For many who live on the road, attaining complete power independence has required complex and expensive energy systems to support that dream. The VTOMAN Jump 1800 meets these power needs, helping outdoor enthusiasts achieve an off-grid lifestyle.

In order for many RVs to be self-sufficient, it's equipped with solar panels for charging. In fact, with a set of solar panels and the Extra Battery, the VTOMAN Jump 1800 offers enough capacity and renewable power to exceed what most families use on a daily basis in RVs.

LIFEBMS™ is the mark of unprecedented product lifespan, safety, and reliability. Every power station engineered with VTOMAN LIFEBMS™ is designed to last for over a decade with everyday use, and it features an industry-leading warranty.

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